Forget Me Not

January 20, 2020

My granny, a Butte girl, had her first baby at age 17, her second at 19 and raised

them during the Depression with her mother's help. She was an Irish beauty with black

hair and sparkly blue eyes, a space between her two front teeth and a giggle. She loved

good jokes, funny stories and cherished her friendships. I miss her! It was hard when

she passed, but even harder to watch her disappear while she was still living. Dementia

robbed her of who she was. This neuro-degenerative disease, considered irreversible in

the 1990s, left us without hope of getting her back. By the time she was displaying

significant disorientation and confusion, the disease had been destroying her mind for

decades. To prevent this progressive deterioration, it would have been necessary to

begin treatment years earlier.

Now we can intervene, prevent, and reverse early cognitive decline.

Alzheimer’s disease is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., the most common

cause of dementia and women at any age are 2x more likely than men to develop the

disease. Cognitive impairment does not happen for no reason and the best responses to

treatment occur early in the process of decline. Dr. Dale Bredesen, physician and

“world class” neuroscience researcher has developed the Bredesen Protocol for the

prevention and reversal of cognitive decline. We have reason for hope.

If you think you are “slipping”- listen to yourself-get tested, get with the Program and

give yourself the future you deserve.

Lura Kay Robison, APRN, FNP, CWCN, BS RN

Kay Robison, Advanced Practice Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner at CoreWellness in

Helena, has been Qualified in the Bredesen Protocol through the Institute for Functional

Medicine-approved by Dr. Bredesen for certification of practitioners. The Bredesen

Protocol has proven effective in the prevention and reversal of cognitive impairment in

the earlier stages of Alzheimer's Disease. You can learn more at

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