There is Hope

January 20, 2020

Alzheimer’s disease is not an accident.  It is the brain's attempt to protect itself against inflammation, lack of essential hormones and nutrients and/or the exposure to toxic substances.  During this defensive reaction, which can literally take decades before symptoms show up, “plaques and tangles” develop in the brain which destroy or block normal communication pathways, called synapses.  When synapses are damaged thoughts cannot travel smoothly resulting in difficulty with finding the “right word”, loss of recent memories, slowed processing of ideas and actual shrinkage of the brain. As the disease progresses, even more basic activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, and toileting become challenging or impossible to perform without assistance.

The sooner the assaults on the brain are detected and stopped with a corrective, multiple faceted approach, the greater the opportunity for prevention or reversal of permanent cognitive impairment.  The Bredesen Protocol, supported by decades of research, has proven effective for people all over the country and the world.  It is a program which targets multiple brain insults, to reverse and prevent further cognitive impairment.  This is not a ONE PILL, or silver bullet approach; but as Dr. Bredesen stated, it is a silver “buckshot” approach.  To date, 244 of 245 single drug “treatments” for Alzheimer’s have failed the rigorous testing necessary to hit the market.  There are documented success stories for participants in the Bredesen Protocol.  There is HOPE.  If you are noticing changes in your own ability to process ideas, focus thoughts, think clearly, express yourself or access memory, compute mathematically, organize your life, or recognize acquaintances – among other cognitive disruptions, now is the time to get tested.  This is not a “wait and see” condition.  Cognitive impairment does not reverse without targeted therapy.

For more in depth information, read “The End of Alzheimer’s”, by Dr. Dale Bredesen.  This book is available at the Lewis and Clark County Public Library and there is a CD version of the book as well.

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